Geographic Information System (GIS)'s group mission is to establish a positive working relationship with Navajo Land Employees and their clients. Develop and administer GIS and IT applications and hardware. Provide computer generated maps of various land layers, boundaries and land stavvtus information on the Navajo Nation lands.

Provide, coordinate, guide, and administer all digital information of the Navajo Nation lands utilizing current technologies to integrate this data into an effective, efficient and productive medium.

GIS section will continue to build and automate geographic data for access and distribution in the future of non-sensitive data to requesting parties, but currently, we only provide general information maps which are available to the general public.

GIS Data Navajo Land Department has acquire GIS Data from various internal divisions, departments, with permission from respective sources for mapping purposes only. We do not share this data, but if you require certain GIS data, please feel free to contact the respective owners. ex: Navajo Department of Water Resources, Navajo Division of Transportation, Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, etc.. If you require Navajo Community Boundary Data, we use the US Census boundaries for the communities of the Navajo Nation. If you require Grazing Boundaries, please contact BIA area offices.

Simple Disclaimer: The maps are provided to give a visual display of Navajo data from various sources. See Navajo Land Department staff for complete accuracy and most current Navajo land information.


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For more information please contact:
Everytt Begay
GIS Supervisor
☎(928) 871-6910

Byron Bitsoie Sr.
GIS Analyst
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Patina Becenti
GIS Technician

Malanie Begay
GIS Technician
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Elton Watson
Computer Operator
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Fillmore Mitchell
Computer Operator
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Gerriet Curley
Computer Operator
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Computer Operator
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